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Annual Newsletter 2017

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Dear Affiliates,

A new year is upon us! Wow!

Zero Gravity LA is now a year old having launched in January of 2016. It’s been an exciting year for our team as we have quickly grown from an e-commerce website working with such exciting brands as United Sports, Shark Tank Products like Xero Shoes and Cuisinart to having expanded into the business services space.

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is what is the difference between Amazon and Zero Gravity LA?

Amazon is without a doubt the biggest online retailer in the world and well deserved in claiming that title. However, even that comes with its problems.

Just like Amazon, Zero Gravity LA offers the lowest prices it can and in most instances we are able to save our customers up to 15% off. But the major difference between Amazon and Zero Gravity LA is that Amazon operates as a third party website and Zero Gravity LA is not.

So what does that mean to our affiliates?

Amazon carries counterfeit goods. Amazon’s third-party marketplace allows merchants to setup accounts and sell items in a relatively unregulated environment. There’s little differentiation between their verified listings and counterfeit goods. Nearly 40% of paid items from Amazon are from third-party merchants.

Zero Gravity LA works directly with manufacturers and distributors - meaning no counterfeits. We are an authorized dealer and partner to all the brand products we sell on our website since we do not work with third party resellers. It’s important to us that we maintain an organic relationship with our customers.

After all, everyone works hard for their money and deserves the respect of buying from us with 100% customer confidence.

NEW FOR 2017

With this new year and in an effort to help everyone grow and prosper, our team is excited to offer a new type of business service for our affiliates: Drone Video Marketing.

This is particularly exciting as our affiliates can now earn their standard commission and take advantage of a rapidly growing trend.

Here’s how the Drone Video Marketing service program works:

If you know of a real estate or commercial agent, oil and gas services company, architects or construction companies needing site analysis, drone technology is proving to be useful for a wide variety of purposes. Basically any type of company that you feel can benefit from Zero Gravity LA’s Drone Business Services.

Have your contact reach out to our team and if it is a viable project for us and we accept the work than you get 10% from the completed job. For example, if we take a project that pays $3,000.00 than you get $300.00. Not bad for making a simple introduction.

To learn more about our Drone Video Marketing Services go to zerogravityla.com and check out our promo reels and a project house in Scottsdale, AZ we recently completed.

Plus, our Drone Video Marketing Team will travel anywhere in the world as long as it makes financial sense.

We want to express a heartfelt thanks to all of you for helping to make last year a great success for “the little company that could.” It takes a village to help grow a company and we’re honored to have you be a part of our growing community.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Happy New Year to you all!

Keith F. Edwards
Zero Gravity LA

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