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How Well Can You Handle Your Glass Chillums?

Glass chillums sea shell smoking

Glass Chillums  Glass Chillums Glass Chillums

A chillum may refer to a pipe, more specifically, a smoking pipe. It’s a straight cone like pipe with a lengthwise passage; customarily made of clay and have been in use since the 18th century by hindu monks. The use of this product has outspread from India to other parts of the world. Throughout centuries, there has been a transition from clay to the invention of glass chillums.

Glass chillums come in a variety of designs and colors. All one needs is to select his or her preferred choice. Smoking a chillum often involves inserting a chillum stone in the pipe to prevent one from directly inhaling detritus as with other pipes. Before they were commercially available, people would often search for the accurate sized pebble off the ground to fit their pipes.

According to one Alfred Dunhill, an English tobacconist and inventor, “Africans have long employed chillum-style pipes for smoking cannabis and later tobacco. Gourds and various horns were often employed while conical bowls were common in Uganda. One of the more famous pipes is an ivory cone pipe once belonging to "Waganda" monarch King Mtesa”

Due to the nature of glass chillums and the purpose for which they are used, it is a necessity for them to be cleaned regularly in order to be able to continue functioning efficiently. We have the boiling water method and the method of using a pipe cleaner; but for the purpose of this article, we will concentrate on the latter.

First, make sure to remove debris from the pipe using a toothpick or any similar tool.

Run the cleaner through the length of the tube several times.

Run water through it in both directions.

Again, run the cleaner through the length of the tube, a lot of times.

Immerse the pipe wholly in isopropyl alcohol, also known as rubbing alcohol for several hours. It is a solvent, making it is relatively safe and evaporating quickly.

Run some water through the tube again ensuring that there is no remaining alcohol in the pipe.

Finally, let the whole pipe dry off. Rub off the external part of the pipe and keep it somewhere, ideally where there is sunlight to allow enough air to dry it.

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