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Gluten Free Cookie Butter with Simply Shari’s Cookies

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by Shari Cole, Founder of Simply Shari's

We use the best quality ingredients that just so happen to be gluten free, making your gluten free world a tastier place.

Every time I passed by those jars of Cookie Butter at Trader Joe's I have to resist the urge to pick one up because they’re not gluten free and I know how sick I’ll feel even if I just have a quick taste.

In lieu of giving into gluten, I decided to whip up my own batch of cookie butter instead. You can use any of our Cookie Flavors, I opted for the Lemon Shortbreads in my first recipe for a bit of a tang.

Serves: 1 Jar of Butter


2½ Cups of Simply Shari's Cookie Crumbs
½ Stick Butter
¼ Cup Evaporated Milk
⅓ Cup Sweetened Condensed Milk


Crumble about 2½ cups of Simply Shari's Cookies until you have 2½ cups of crumbs. Pour into a mixing bowl and set aside
Melt the butter in a saucepan and add the evaporated and the condensed milk.
Pour the mixture into the cookie crumbs
Fold until combined

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