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The Last Hurrah Of Jeb Bush

South Carolina has always been good to the Bush family. It helped to get George H.W. Bush elected In 1992 and George W. Bush in 2000. George W is particularly popular with veterans and military members, which make up a large voting constituency for the state. So why can't Jeb be shown the same respect?

Simply put, Jeb reeks of desperation. South Carolina is a must win for poor Jeb and he knows it. His poll numbers are weak placing him in fifth place while Trump surges. How many tears has this guy shed crying out for his Mommy? 

So, what brain fart does Jeb and his team have? They pull Dubya away from the dog portraits, dust him off and bring him to the people. A real celebrity endorsement. So much for "I'm my own man".

Jeb has always embraced his family legacy and it's his denial of their actions that is just one more nail in his political coffin. Iraq was a mistake. Just say it, Jeb. Mommy will forgive you.

Don't make a battle cry that "you are your own man" and then desperately stand alongside someone who not only destabilized a whole region, giving rise to new terrorists, but also destabilized the whole GOP political base, giving rise to new political wackos. A double header. 

South Carolina is it for Jeb. If he loses he is done. The donor money will vaporize. More staff members will exit. They'll be nothing left for Jeb but to sit alongside his brother maybe attempting to paint cat portraits. You know, the opposite of his brother.

I believe Jeb Bush will lose in South Carolina and be forced to give up his bid for the WH. And that's a good thing. 


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