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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review (Egads)

Our team doesn't usually make it a habit here to review movies since we are an online retailer, but there has been a few requests for me to see the film and weigh in on my thoughts. So, here it is...

GO SEE IT! It's awesome, engaging and extremely well done. Most everyone has seen it already so this won't come as a surprise. This movie hits on all cylinders.

The juxtaposition of character developments of Rey and Kylo Ren are fascinating. There is a particular powerful moment between the two that elevates their adversarial efforts that leaves you wanting more. Subtably aided by John Williams score, of course.

I won't go into detail about the plot, you can find that anywhere. So, in my opinion, what makes this one of the best overall movies in years?  It lacks cynicism.

Movies of the past decade have lost touch with the mass audience because most development studio execs and filmmakers have replaced or confused story lines of heart and emotion with cynicism. 

The Marvel movies, most notably The Iron Man/Avengers series, make this evident. Yes, it's fun to have Tony Stark's snarky comments, but what is meant to be the organic heart of the story is lost among the rubble of destruction. I know, I hear it coming...it's just an action movie. That's also made billions. Chill.

But, that's the cynacism. Star Wars proves that a big budget, over the top action film, can at its core retain a heart filled center. 

When LA Times business columnist Michael Hiltzik writes that it's not really a movie, but the safe "anchoring element of a vast commercial program." It makes me wonder what the hell he saw if it wasn't a movie? 

Hiltzik writes a column about the economic state of things so it's easy to understand his cynicism. Economics can turn anyone into a cynic. Cynacism is personal in nature and a form of human detachment. 

Congratulations to the filmmakers for not giving into the dark side of cynicism but letting the force of heart and emotion evolve.



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