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The Power of Yes

How many times in the day do you say, "yes"?

A lot has been written about the simple but powerful word, "yes" and I won't be adding any conscious shattering breakthrough here.  I'm a work in progress like most everyone else.

"Yes" is just one of those words that make you feel good.  It feels good to say and it feels even better to hear. There are some circumstances where "yes" might not be the most ideal word to hear.  

For example, "yes" is not a word you want to hear if you ask a doctor if you were going to have a hernia today.  So "yes" does have its limitations. On a positive note, after having been warned you can take it easy and not do any heavy lifting for 24 hours.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and they said, "No".  How did it make you feel? Not very good I bet. 

"Yes" has a meaningful impact on people.  Try this social experiment. Next time a friend or colleague comes to you with a request, mess with their brain by telling them "No".  Watch as their mouth curls. The shoulders droop. Rejection rips the soul from their body, throws it to the ground and stomps on it.

Then casually reply, "I'm sorry. I misheard you. Yes"!

What a difference that will make as your friend springs to life filled with renewed confidence. Hugging is allowed.

Better yet, feel the difference within yourself. The sense of empowerment you now receive all from the simple but powerful word, "Yes". 




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