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The Morning List

My wife loves to make lists.

Every morning, with her coffee, she sits with paper and pen writing and making her to-do list of the day. Lists are very important for our daily lives. They give direction and help to maintain focus.

I'm not a list maker kinda guy. Although, I understand and support their purpose. I don't make lists and invariably it gets me into trouble.

There's countless number of times I've gone to the grocery store, specifically for a particular item, and stupidly forgotten what it was I'm supposed to get. My mind wanders as I stroll down the endless aisles of goodness.

"What? You have Pliney The Elder! Can I have two?" 

As the beverage person hands them to me I think to myself, "What was I supposed to get?"

Instead of calling or texting to ask what the hell I'm doing at the store in the first place, I shot gun purchase several items hoping I'm in the ball park. Stupid pride. There needs to be an app that does away with that part of my psyche.

If I was smart and brought a list with me none of this would be a problem. I get it. But I don't.

Google Maps is one of techs greatest achievements for guys like me who never ask for directions. The innovation has taken one less argument out of a road trip between my wife and I.

I'm excited about Google's driverless cars which will eliminate even more arguments. Soon technology will make it so my wife and I will have nothing to talk about in the car except the bathroom breaks.

Last weekend I was going to the store and my wife had a few items she needed. This time I was going to be smart and write it down. I was so proud of myself!  But the pen was out of ink. Figures!  Grabbed another pen. Also dry. I took this as a sign and decided to go it alone.

We all know how that turned out.


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