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Vampires Are Chill

Vampires are chill, which I'll get to in a moment.

We all have an expiration date. It's one of those cold, hard facts of life people don't discuss at the gym.

From the moment we're born, somewhere in our DNA, is that hidden notice. Some of us make it to that date while others are prematurely cut short.

Vampires have no expiration date. They are immortal. Their species have been created while we are organic from nature.

But what makes Vampires so chill?

As humans we are constantly chasing something.  Chasing dreams. Chasing relationships. Chasing Santa. We want everything now because we don't know when our time stamp runs out.

Vampires don't care. They live an alternate lifestyle. Because of their immortality they aren't in a constant state of "chasing." They seek to gain knowledge. They party all night. Savor blood. Sleep all day. Repeat.

However, they are still required to maintain their bodies and blood is their natural source of energy.

Our bodies need a constant source of energy as well. Organic coconut products, like what Zero Gravity LA sells from Nature's Way, is perfect for our chosen lifestyles. By the way, this is a blatant plug for our website. Coconut oil is a natural dietary supplement and helps to maintain our energy. Although it's not labeled to give us immortality. 

 Vampires aren't real. In case you were wondering. They are a part of our culture which can be used metaphorically to teach us something about ourselves.

By maintaining our bodies with the red liquid that circulates in our arteries and veins, we too can live to our natural expiration date. Maybe even past it. Unlike Zombies, now they are crazy fuckers!


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