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Does it seem like our society tips too much?

Recently I was sitting in the dentists chair, getting my teeth cleaned, with not much to do but occasionally spit and I started thinking - which only gets me into trouble - do I need to tip this person? Now, I'm getting nervous because I don't have any cash with me.  What to do?  Will she take a debit card?

It seems these days we tip everyone.  I just replaced the carpets in our house and as the workers were leaving my wife asked me if I gave them a tip. Really? 

I understand tipping in the service industry for food staff and stuff, but do we take it too far?  When you break it down, isn't valet parking an ingenious way of holding a person's car hostage until the ransom is paid.

Once I had to borrow a few dollars from a friend when we were in a bar because the restroom had a bathroom attendant. It was either tip him or use the alley.  Two dollars for a stick of gum? Really?

No place on the planet is there more tipping than in Vegas. It's insane. If you go to Vegas on a tight budget to enjoy the nightlife, good luck. By the time you've arrived, checked in and get to your room, you're so deep in the rabbit hole with handing out tips you're forced to hit the casino to win it back. 

Do we take tipping too far? All I know is I feel awfully guilty  about not having tipped my dental hygienist.



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